It's Yawning Yoga's Birthday!

I'm very proud to announce the publication of my new picture book today, with author Laurie Jordan, by Little Pickle Press, USA. Aimed at 2-8 year olds, it has

"Elements of yoga practice including stretching, posture, and breath work, are introduced through elegant artwork and poems like Mountain (Tadasana) and Seashell (Balasana), to help children—and their caring adults—ready their bodies for a restful sleep."

Available to purchase here

'Tree of Family Life' Giclee prints

These high-quality, 12 X 16 inches Giclee prints are now available to order. Produced on smooth white art paper, they are available at £55 (inc p&p). Please see my contact page for email and other contact details to order directly from me. Thank you.


Women Who Draw

My 'woman' who has just been put up on the Women Who Draw Directory - a new open illustration directory for professional illustrators, artists and cartoonists who take freelance work.



#3000chairs image

Illustrators, authors and children responded to the Guardian's publication of Nicola Davies's poem The Day the War Came which drew attention to the 3000 unaccompanied Syrian children to whom the UK government decided not to give a safe haven. Nicola called on everyone who was outraged at this to paint, draw or sketch an empty chair and share it on Twitter with #3000chairs