I made a pretty poster for an event that was sadly postponed till further notice, but the process was fun so I thought I’d share!

Pecha Kucha Poster 72W.jpg

New Shop!

I have now added a link to a mini print shop in the menu of my website above.

You can now order certain high-quality Giclee prints directly via the shop, such as my new “Chelmsford” map image and “The Tree of Family Life” picture.

Ideas for Christmas gifts maybe…

Tree of Family Life 72W.jpg

Chelmsford Map #2

I'm very excited to share my new updated Chelmsford map, which includes lots of the city's exciting new venues worth visiting, as well as some old favourites of mine!

High-quality, limited edition of 100, signed Giclee prints of the image are now availble to purchase at A2 on Brilliant White Fibaprint paper for £45 (+ £5.50 p&p)

Please use my shop in the menu or contact me directly to order. I hope you like it!

Chelmsford 72W.jpg

Chelmsford Map #2 WIP

Starting with a detailed pencilled drawing (following LOTS of pencil sketch planning!), I then stretch hot-pressed Arches water-colour paper and start painting. Many hours of detailed painting, drawing and collaging are then digitally ‘tidied - up’ before the final image is ready to go to Giclee print. You can see the finished image in my next post.

Chelms Green.JPG


To celebrate the Just Imagine Illustrators' Group finding a fabulous new venue to convene, this month's brief was to illustrate the word the venues title, "The Transition".

My image shows the transiotion from Winter to Spring.


Transition 72W.jpg

Chelmsford Arts and Cultural Festival

Phew! Just installed some pics with Matthew Brazier and natalie eldred at The Transition, Chelmsford as part of this week's Chelmsford Arts Fest. Also have some illos at The Rivermead Gallery at Anglia Ruskin, Chelmsford. Work up from 23rd June - late July. Go and see!


Exhibition Opening

Rivermead Gallery: Just Imagine Illustrators Group

19 March - 27 April 2018, 08:00 - 18:00
Chelmsford campus

This free exhibition features a variety of work and includes both original artwork and high-quality Giclee prints.

The Just Imagine Illustrators Group are a group of freelance illustrators who meet regularly in Chelmsford to share and discuss their work and ideas, including both published and self-initiated projects. They have been gathering since meeting in 2010 at the Just Imagine book shop.

During each meeting, the illustrators critique each other’s work, share new ideas and also set a new illustration brief to work on. They meet regularly, and new people are always welcome to come along. Please contact Diana Mayo for further information.

Colin Wyatt  Natalie Eldred  Diana Mayo  Richard Holland  Matthew Brazier  Louisa Kewell   

Colin Wyatt  Natalie Eldred  Diana Mayo

Richard Holland  Matthew Brazier  Louisa Kewell


Sherlock Holmes - The Book Illustration Competition 2018

These images were created for The Folio Society and The House Of Illustration's combined Book Illustration Competition, this year based on the The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Applicants were required to enter a binding cover and three portrait illustrations to go with the short stories inside.


"Scandal in Bohemia"   

"Scandal in Bohemia"


Musgrave hall   

Musgrave hall


The Man with the Twisted Lip   

The Man with the Twisted Lip